What you need to know about Big Brother Nigeria (big brother naija)

Big Brother Nigeria
Big Brother Nigeria

What you need to know about Big Brother Nigeria (big brother naija) – Some of us keep watching this celebrity program Big Brother Nigeria I know good number of us has been asking ourselves what Big Brother Nigeria is all about? Today I will be telling you a little you need to know about this interesting show, which is today’s biggest hit show in the world, which covers the entire Africa and part of Europe and America. I bet if you have not been watching Big Brother Nigeria AKA big brother naija then you are seriously missing lots of fun out there.

Big Brother Nigeria

Big brother Nigeria is formally known to be a reality Tv show based on the big brother Tv series in which 12 contestants live in an isolated and each of them compete for huge amount of money of about $100000 which will be awarded at the end of the show, the only way one can successfully get the huge amount of money is only if he as one of the contestant wins the contest and was not evicted during his course of contesting with other contestant by viewers.

Big brother Nigeria is a wonderful reality show which is in collaboration with Nigeria and south Africa which the location for the show is at cape town that is the capital of south Africa, since the big brother Tv series is in collaboration with Nigeria and south Africa, Nigerians who successfully get nominated normally travel their way down to south Africa to join the contest.

big brother Tv series show started far back 2005 but it was aired on DSTV for viewers all over the world from march 5 to June 4 2006.by watching the interesting show that is the big brother Tv series you must get acquainted with some popular characters like Ebuka who is the most popular house mate for several weeks into the show because of his way of taking in the contest he was believed to emerge the winner of big brother Naija but unfortunately was the seventh house mate to get evicted, even when viewers felt so bad and sympathetic for Ebuka and has to pour all blames on another character who was seen to be overzealous his name is joe. Joe was also evicted following the perceived arrogance and exuberance of his fans who turn viewers against him. After some twist in the game a winner finally emerged who was katung Aduwak a 26 year old contestant, the winner’s voting result were verified by auditing company of alexander-Forbes.

big brother Naija is Tv show which has been keeping all Nigerian at a watch because of how it is so interesting which anyone who has been following it cannot afford to miss big brother Tv series, since we are on the second season of big brother Naija I will urge you to keep visiting www.goldensearch.com.ng for more updates on Big brother Nigeria.

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