Latest news about MMM Nigeria| has MMM crashed?

Latest news about MMM Nigeria
Latest news about MMM Nigeria

Latest news about MMM Nigeria| has MMM crashed? – I know many of us would like to hear any latest update about MMM, we all know That MMM is one of the best financial peer to peer network system that came in earlier 2015 to change millions of people’s lives in Nigeria. It came in with an ideology to teach humanity how to render financial help and to receive financial help from a fellow human. It made us know how to make ourselves banks, make the banks become slaves to us and many more. That is why I had to gather this information from top guiders of MMM who place anonymity to their identity, so that I will keep you fully updated on the Latest news about MMM Nigeria.

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Latest news about MMM Nigeria
Latest news about MMM Nigeria

Latest news about MMM Nigeria is where I will first trash this common questions that the participants of MMM keep asking” has MMM crashed?” from the information I have gathered from top guiders of MMM Nigeria, MMM Nigeria only encounter normal challenges that any financial system can encounter, MMM Nigeria is still strong, firm and reliable, there are different suggestions which when they implement them every participant of MMM Nigeria will get back to enjoying this great financial community. Below will be a breakdown of some suggestions that could be implemented very soon.

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New suggestions to sustaining MMM Nigeria

  • Mavro growth for 2016 should stop
  • For participant to receive acquired 2016 money participant must provide help at least 30% of the amount that is acquired.
  • Managers/guiders bonus has been seen as one of the things that drag MMM Nigeria down, so it will be tackled
  • Cashing out of mavro will be strictly after 30days for the system sustainability

For participant who are still panic about investing in MMM Nigeria, I want to use this medium to inform you that MMM Nigeria has no problem in 2017 mavro, that is to say if you invest $100 today once it’s one month you are eligible to cash out your money without problem. So feel free to participate in the community.

Latest news about MMM Nigeria will always be dropped at your door steps once you keep visiting also don’t hesitate to share this information to your friends to help keep their minds at rest about MMM Nigeria, remember to drop your questions and comment or even contribution at the comment box.

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  1. Hi Pls, why mmm match participant to pay in less than 1week or exertily 1 week,if it so, they suppose to inform the participant on thier notice board, or in participant dashboard, so that they will be use to it, like the 2016 when they had that challenge people pull out base on oda started to come quick than everbofore, if atall it will be notify by experience mmm will last so long, bcoz I know people that refuse to pay bcoz of the prompt of the oda,thinking that system want crash base on past experience,the should learn to communicate with the participant in terms of matching and give reason why the oda is coming so prompt mmm can’t get problem again, if such protocol will observe,thanks Iam an mmm participant

    • Dats the work of the dispatcher.all you should focus on is how to help mmm community by talking new members to join the so doing.matching time will be extended..imagine if you gethelp and you are not matched with another participant to pay you..i believe you wont be work hard for the community and everything shall be put in place.together we change the world

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