11 secret to passing jamb with flying colors

jamb 2017
jamb 2017

11 secret to passing jamb with flying colors– Every year the number of applicants for jamb keep increasing, candidate keep making the same mistakes the make every year, that is why I decided to give and expository on  11 secret to passing jamb with flying colors all I need from you is to carefully read this so that you know what to do to enhance your chances of passing jamb 2017 with flying colors.

11 secret to passing jamb with flying colors is most secret most jambites do not know, that is why most of them keep writing jamb every year, so when you carefully read and apply these  11 secret to passing jamb with flying colors, your jamb 2017 will be a different story you will also stand a chance to advice others on this issue.

jamb 2017
jamb 2017

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 11 secret to passing jamb with flying colors

  • First you must be determined, that is by doing all that is necessary without checking the pains involve.
  • Test yourself periodically to see how far you can improve from pass test
  • Nowadays student no more read their syllabus, it always important to read your syllabus because the scope of all you need to cover in your course of discipline is right there. Don’t always avoid to read your syllabus because it has its own way of contributing to your success.
  • Self-discipline matters especially when your preparing for something so important to you, the self-discipline  am talking about is when you avoid social media, seeing movies with friends, hanging out etc. if you can cultivate at least 12 hours daily reading your books you will notice a change in your brain capacity.
  • Try to avoid setting your mind on examination malpractice, the reason is that if you set your mind on examination malpractice, the mindset for proper reading culture will disappear and you will lose it all again. Don’t depend on the past questions and answers sold on street, but if you got them and prepared for jamb 2017 examination with them, try to always check for answers yourself. if you do that believe me you will go as far as not expected.
  • jamb is based on A-level setting-always read above your scope, don’t depend on those materials you gather from your 0level, it very limited, it will not expand your knowledge.
  • If you are not good enough in computer skills try to get some perfections by attending some tutorials on that, prior the jamb 2017 examination date.
  • Try to understand what works for you, if you are a type that always need one to explain a particular thing before you understand then you know jamb lesson is for you but I don’t always advocate jamb lesson because it kills the time you should have used to tackle as much topics as you can on your own.
  • Always set a target for yourself, for example today am going to read four or five topics on biology and always try to meet your targets
  • Try to sleep well at night so that your brain calms down and accumulate much glucose from blood.
  • Don’t forget to pray as if no amount of reading will make you pass and read as if no amount of prayers will make you pass. When you do this both sky will be your starting point.

 11 secret to passing jamb with flying colors is just a way of contributing some idea and suggestions for you to add to the ones you already know to enhance your chances of passing jamb 2017 examination. To pass jamb or any exams depends solely on your own, it through your determinations that you can make it to the top, and your determination is measured with your actions. So be more determined today and you will see your story changed.

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